Add VAT | GST | Sales tax at checkout

Stripe Verified Partner

A robust and customizable hosted checkout that improves your users’ payment experience by ensuring real-time VAT / GST / sales tax calculation, and supporting SCA and PSD2 requirements.

Why Beanie?

Don't struggle with your billing model anymore

The only solution for building a tax exclusive billing model without coding.
Until now, adding taxes on top of the final price was a pain in the neck. Beanie helps you to dynamically calculate tax based on transactions details such as the products types, shopper’s location, and tax ID. Bring the right tax rate, item-by-item.

Make Stripe Accessible for non-developers

Strip away all the effort required to fully integrate and marry to a system by implementing our serverless integration path which requires no coding skill.

Build an SCA-proof checkout

European business accepting debit and credit card payments will be impacted by the new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) rule as of September 14, 2019. Use Beanie to give your shoppers a great checkout experience and prevent declined payments by relying on the SCA-ready products.

Walk through any integration path

Your payment provider gives you the infrastructure, Beanie provides everything you need to quickly and seamless built your customized payment hosted page.
As your business grows, Beanie helps you drive it better:

  • Multiple Items management
  • Recurring and on-time payments
  • SCA compliant
  • Tax rates at checkout
  • Dynamic price update
  • Coupons management
  • Language recognition
  • Automated invoice delivery

Transparent and simple pricing aligned with your success


Affordable entry point for fast-growing businesses.
  • No installation fees
  • Pay only what you use
0,5 %pricing-per-transaction
(< 10k transactions)
+ Octobat plan price
+ pricing-psp-fees


Designed for businesses at scale with large volume of transactions.
0,3 %pricing-per-transaction
(> 10k transactions)
+ Octobat plan price
+ pricing-psp-fees