Tax Reporting

Automated VAT / GST / sales tax reporting software for digital businesses

Stay productive and accelerate your tax returns, filing and accounting. Octobat generates your tax reports in real-time and helps you track all the steps of your tax returns.

Tax return management

Take control of tax returns and avoid late filing and payment penalties. The tax return screen help you track the return status - see what’s the amount of taxes due, ongoing and what’s been paid.

Tax dashboard management

management - dashboard

Manage the profitability of your business - know, at a glance, how much you are billing to your customers and where they are coming from - fully integrated with your preferred payment providers.

Tax reports

Jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction tax granularity. Forget the spreadsheet breaking down VAT/GST/Sales Tax by region. Octobat issues a ready to use tax reports so that you can speed up your reconciliations, filing and returns.


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