The right way to manage sales taxes, globally

Don't let VAT / GST / Sales Tax be the hassle of your billing model. Determine the right rate for every transaction - at item level -, send compliant tax invoices and power your accounting. Do it automatically and around the globe with Octobat.

Achieve tax compliance through automation

Business operating online are growing faster and faster. Legal, Financial, and Accounting tasks around online selling are complex.
We built Octobat to solve them at scale.

Built for automatic synchronization, and developer friendly

Thanks to our direct integrations, you can easily connect your payment provider service in few clicks.
Octobat comes also with an open RESTful API which allows you to integrate with any PSP, CRM, accounting or billing solution.

Sales Tax automation as-a-service

Always expanding

Internet businesses grow fast and can enter new markets quickly. Octobat supports new tax zones and countries so that you don’t have to deal with complex technical coding for new VAT/GST and Sales Tax rules.

Up-to-date compliance rules

No monitoring nor implementation upgrading is required. As cloud-based solution, you always get up-to-date local and international tax rules and accurate rates, as soon as they’re implemented, so that compliance is always guaranteed.

The right options to maximize team productivity

Work with your team-mates

Invite your team members, manage the permissions, collaborate and share the information faster with finance managers, accountants, and tax experts.

Unlimited Sandbox for developers

You can use Octobat test mode so that you can ensure your live data won’t be affected or interact with your actual transactions.

Multiple accounts

Quickly and simply manage different accounts. Include all your businesses with a unique login.

Ready to automate your sales tax calculation?

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